Kings Syndicate


Kings Syndicate   MC

 aims to be a brotherhood-based, modern and sociable club, which however follows the traditional rules.

Kings Syndicate mc welcome all nationalities and religions.

Kings Syndicate mc does not take sides on both.

Inside Kings Syndicate mc  discrimination is prohibited and religion may not be forced upon brothers.

Rex est Lex

Kings Syndicate


Kings Syndicate mc created by ambitious people, some from other motorcycle clubs.

This fraternity, with strict hierarchy, still offers plenty of room for a relaxed and modern structure.

Kings Syndicate mc colors are worn with pride and honor.

It is a sacred agreement, to wear, protect and defend their colors,  with pride and honor.

This is the foundation of Kings Syndicate mc.

Kings Syndicate


The Crown stands for Ruling

The Shield stands for Defense

The Crossed Swords stand for Battle

The Death Head stands for the Hereafter

The Banner Connects

Our Saying speaks for itself:

“They who desire Peace, prepare for War” 

The color Gold stands for Wisdom & Wealth

The color Black stands for Power

The color White stands for Peace